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What I liked

The creators clearly want you to enjoy this show. It is fun, after all, and yet their characters are such that they probably don’t give a damn what you think if you didn’t care for them. The audience can relax and have a great time with the silliness, the banter in the writing, all because the actors are so heavily committed. It is clear they take their work seriously, but they also know how to enjoy themselves doing it. I highly recommend this for a good laugh.

What I didn't like

There isn’t much at all that I would suggest they do differently. I believe the artists are self aware with the type of work they’re creating. Before you know it, the show is over but the impression has certainly been made.

My overall impression

This show is one hell of a good time. Completely original, including the music, these creatives go above and beyond to deliver a high energy and heartfelt adventure that is unlike any you’ve seen before. Once the lights come up, you are IN this world of D.C. Colorado, you can leave your own worries behind and simply have a good time.

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